The Ape that rules the world

Know thy God Self and You Know God   
As above So Below


"The universe is the same as God or the Light, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell.... Man is the counterpart of God on earth; as God is man's counterpart in heaven. Therefore, it is a statement of an ancient belief that man's actions on earth parallel the actions of God in heaven....

"The purpose of all rituals or magic is to unite the microcosm with the macrocosm to join God... with the human consciousness. (PRAYER DOES NOT WORK) When such a supreme union is achieved the subject and object becomes one.... when you reach this ultimate peak of altered consciousness the miracles are no longer important, the extreme goal becomes the direct union with God " THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE EMPOWERED.    

Who Am I?  Who are you? I invite you to take a few moments to truly ponder this seemingly obvious question. What do I really know about myself? I know I exhibit a personality: a collection of habits, reactions, desires, memories and preferences. I know I have a physical body because: it moves me around the earth, I can touch it, and it causes me both pain and ecstasy. I experience my emotional body through myriad sensations including: agony, joy, and wonder. I think; therefore I am. But am I my thoughts? Am I my emotions? Am I my personality? Yes, I am all of these and much, much more. I am an inter-dimensional being existing on a multitude of dimensions at the same time. From a quantum perspective, I am the sum total energy of all my experiences in every state of consciousness, past, present and future. I am the energetic awareness behind the eyes. I am the eternal soul. I am the Light of God. I am one with the Universe, and so are you. Within each of us blazes the creative fire of God, the transformative energy that fuels our being and lightens our spirits. Yet many of us have forgotten our heritage, losing touch with the most profound dimension of our essence. It is time to lift the veils. Reawakening to our divine nature is a vital leap on our path of peace. The truth of who we are is co-creator energy, which the ego is terrified to expose. If the soul becomes the master, what will be left of me? it cries out defiantly. So with our limited human awareness, we split off, denying the light of God within, all the while committing ourselves to a life of bondage and pain. As quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf explains, Once the soul falls into matter, it becomes addicted, and it ultimately suffers seeing itself as the self. To relieve the souls suffering, spirit must return to its nonmaterial state. Honoring the light within sets our soul free to live out its earthly mission. Think about where your personality is taking you now and to what heights you could go with the illuminating energy of God vitalizing your every action. From an earthly perspective, who we believe we are shows up in: the choices we make each day, who we choose to companion with, how much respect we show ourselves, and others, and in what state of reverence we walk upon our mother earth. By aligning with the God force within, we invariably become more reverent, generous and loving individuals imbued with the higher awareness of divine sustenance.

From a spiritual perspective, our soul purpose is to manifest the glorious co-creative energy that is capable of miracles each and every day of our life. By keeping in touch with the Creative Force, we rise above the cond itions where the blind lead the blind, and we know that we are guided by the All-Seeing Eye in all we are called to do. We are the Light divine. How comforting would it be if we could feel ourselves wrapped in this glowing blanket of truth? When you have a vision of this flame within you, when you recognize that this flame is God, when you understand it was there yesterday, it is there today, and it will be there tomorrow, you feel protected. Then you are not afraid to wake up.  

I urge you to make a commitment to actively honor the illuminating presence of God in your heart each day, as it is the only source in the Universe of true peace, happiness, and abundance. Practice listening to the still small voice of divine wisdom, as it flows unceasingly through your intuitive awareness and choose actions aligned with this river of light. Follow your hearts longings, and share your loving self with all you meet, giving full expression to your energetic divinity. Exploration of Self as God is a courageous act of a spiritual warrior. Are you willing to co-create your life and let your light shine? 

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Negative Green
I've always been interested in the subconscious attributes of color and felt affronted that even a virtual color could be held to be dangerous. On investigation a Positive Green person has love of life, photosynthesis presumably being the symbolic associative link, while a -Gn person has fear of it.

Negative green- is NOT intrinsically a "bad" or pathogenic force: actually Negative green is the "preserving force" of the universe, and the "color" associated with this force is GREY (Note: astrophysicists have determined that the over-all "color" of the observable universe is grey); furthermore, the French considered Negative green the principle "color" (actually wave force or frequency would be more exact) in the elimination of cancer. The problem with Negative green is over-exposure to it-or to certain modulations of it-which over-exposure has the capacity to induce the same conditions (such as cancer) which this "force" has the intrinsic power to eradicate. Most energy healers are using various modulations of this "preserving force" in their healing work.
The most powerful orgone device on the planet and measures 1000000+ on the bovis scale, though at the present time the spiritual vibration of most people, places, and things does not exceed 20,000 bovis units and most orgone devices 50000 bovis units.